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CharityCounts.org is offered to all our users free of charge. Volunteers and volunteer organizations are very important so we want to keep our web services open and free to anyone who wants to use them. Contributions and any support is greatly appreciated so that we can continue to update and improve CharityCounts.org


Here are some of our amazing contributors who have helped us raise money to update our website to it's current form! Thank you!


Gee Family


Bob Monsour
Ayako Okuno
Alan Schier
Linda and John Tanner
Karl Young


Veronica Cruz
Jean and Don Gray
Eileen Higa
Richard Lamb
Mary and Ray Laumar
Tomi Okuno
Deanna and Tor Ormseth
Dottie Roiseland
Joanne Schwarzer
Christine Shafer
Richard Tanaka
Tony Tarr
Ann Austin and Gary Teale
Oli Thordarson
Bill and Linan Ukropina
Sharon verDoorn
Ravi Verma
Sally and Dean Viera
SooIn Yoon